Pokken Tournament Gets New Support Characters and Screenshots

The Pokemon Company has revealed some new support characters and screenshots for Pokken Tournament. There are three pairs of Pokken characters including Cubone and Diglett, Magneton and Quagsire, and Espeon and Umbreon.

Some new images are also shareD with us, check them out below.

According to some details about these new support characters, Cubane is going to use Bonemerang for long range attacks, while Diglett can use Dig to help with landing combos. Magneton on the other hand uses a Tri Attack to slow down its opponent.

Combine that with Quagsire’s Mud Bomb and you have a solid attack that can cause significant damage. Last but not the least, Espeon uses “Morning Sun” to heal and restore HP while Umbreon can Snarl, preventing the enemy from delivering a major hit.

Source: Serebii