M. Bison’s Street Fighter 5 Introduction Video Showcases His V-Skills

Continuing the character introduction video series, Capcom has now put up M. Bison’s introductory video for Street Fighter 5.

Narrated by Capcom’s Community Manager Matt Edwards, M. Bison is described as ‘Pure Evil’ with absolutely no regard for anyone. According to the video, Bison’s V-Skill basically allows him to absorb enemy fireball and throw them back at casters. The returning fireballs by Bison cannot be neutralized by enemy regular fireballs.

Bison’s V-Trigger, on the other hand, allows him to combine his special attacks and chain devastating combos. Other returning attacks include the Psycho Crusher and more. You can check out the video attached above for detailed information and a devastating combo exhibition.

Street Fighter 5 is scheduled to release tomorrow (Feb. 16, 2016) for PC and Playstation 4 with cross-play capabilities between the two platforms. Despite the fact that there is still some hours until the game’s official release, some players have already acquired the game. However, Capcom has confirmed that it will reset all progress upon the game’s launch to give everyone a fair chance of progressing.

In related Street Fighter 5 news, it has been confirmed by an EVO representative that DualShock 3 will not be allowed during EVO 2K16 Street Fighter championship. For more information, you can head over to the post!

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