Firewatch Refund was Requested, but Classy Response Changed Gamer’s Mind

Firewatch appears to be a game that isn’t going to please everyone, it appears that one Steam user wanted a refund. In an interesting twist though, a classy response from the developer may have changed their minds on their Firewatch refund.

In the Steam forum the user highlights the reason they wanted their money back, and that is the length of the game:

“So this game was 18$. I purchased it because i enjoyed games like this. And I enjoyed this game. Alot. Like, way more than a healthy amount. But it was 2-3 hours. I feel like there could of been more, and im thinking of refunding. But here is my problem: I loved this game. It was a unique game with awesome narration and storytelling. I like the developers. I mean seriously, have you seen how active they are on theese forums? What other dev is that connected to their community? I want to support the developers, but there was so much more i could of got with my 18$. Should i refund, or hold on to it?”

This led to Jane Ng, an artist at Campo Santo replying and agreeing to the refund:

“I am sad when people think this game is not worth the money we asked for (which we thought was a fair ask). It makes me feel like I failed them. It is ok if people don’t like the game, but it affects me personally a lot, when people feel like it was not -worth- the time they engaged with it.

But do I blame you for wanting to get the most out of your $18? No. I don’t know your financial circumstances. $18 might be a lot. Or even it isn’t a lot, why shouldnt’ you try to get the most out of it? That’s a fair desire. That’s why we asked for $18 too, because money is something we could all use more of.

So I supopse in conclusion, if you do refund, I am not upset. It’s on me to learn not to care too much. All I ask is that maybe sometime in the future, when the game goes on mega dirt cheap sale, you could gift tthe experience to someone else you think will enjoy it like you did.”

The full response is well worth reading, as it goes into the development of the game. The quote above gives the gist of the reply though. Did the player take up the Firewatch refund? The answer to that was revealed in an update:

“I have made my decision to keep the game. Campo Santo had more balls than Donald Trump on steriods to make this game, and they deserve the money. Feel free to talk about games/this game/developers/morals/refunds or whatever, but i will not change my decision.”

So as we see, a little communication and openness between the gaming community and the developers of games can go a long way. Looks like a positive end to what was a seemingly negative situation.

What are your thoughts on the Firewatch refund, should the gamer have taken it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.