Far Cry Primal Pre-orders Legend of the Mammoth Trailer Reveals Mission Details

Far Cry Primal Pre-orders come with Legend of the Mammoth, featuring three extra missions. Today we have a new trailer that adds some detail to what will be coming in these missions.

In the trailer that you can see above, you see your character drinking a concoction that will give you the ability to take control of an animal. As you can see, in the new Far Cri Primal pre-order missions, this will be the mammoth.

What the trailer teases is doing battle with some of the stronger and bigger creatures that will feature in the game. This includes going to battle against a rhino. What is also interesting is the mission that will see you going up against humans in a revenge scenario where you look to free the Elder Mammoth. It all looks like a good reason to pre-order, if you are already buying the game.

As well as the extra mammoth missions, the Far Cry Primal pre-orders come in two versions. These are the normal edition and the Far Cry Primal Apex edition. This more expensive edition comes with everything the normal one will get as well as the Blood Shasti Club, and 4 enhancement packs. Along with this player will also be getting a free version of Valiant Hearts.

As with all Ubisoft pre-orders it will be interesting to see if the Far Cry Primal pre-orders incentives will entice gamers to spend early. With problematic releases from the past many people have been burned too many times from purchasing early.

Will you be pre-ordering to get the pre-order missions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.