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Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One is Coming Soon

Dark Souls 3 is only months away, but now we also have a Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility rumour to spice things up. For people who pre-order the game on Xbox One they will get a copy of Dark Souls for Xbox 360 for free.

This was first noticed by Reddit users who noticed it on the Australian Xbox Store. What this means is that people who have pre-ordered Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One will receive a code 8-10 days after purchasing (from now on). What that also seems to insinuate is the fact that Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility must be coming next week too.

This is quite a coup for Xbox, especially based on the fact they are ahead of the race when it comes to offering fans compatibility with older games from previous consoles. Now with a major release like Dark Souls 3, giving Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility offers plays the chance to brush up on their skills and to refresh their memories on the mythology behind the game. As this is something that will be important when heading into Dark Souls 3 it will no doubt catch many fans attention.

This isn’t the only way to play Dark Souls of course, as PC owners can still pick up a cheap copy of the game and can play it that way if necessary, with PlayStation fans being able to head back to their older console and playing it there as well.

For convenience though, being able to play Dark Souls on Xbox One is a smart move for Xbox. In the lead up to the Dark Souls 3 release, it will be little things like this that are bound to get the fans attention.

What are your thoughts on the latest Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility? Let us know in the comments section below.