Quantum Break Tidbits; Alan Wake Reference, Sound Effects, Mo-Cap

YouTube channel “Xbox On” has shared some new tidbits about the upcoming Quantum Break. The video talks about the amazing sound effects and how they change when time is manipulated. We also have Alan Wake reference, Jack and his brother trying to escape Monarch and much more.

Jack won’t be skilled at manipulating time and he will learn as you do. Character impressions and capturing their reactions to different situations has been a primary focus of Remedy Entertainment. Thanks to such attention to detail, you get an idea of what the characters are thinking just by looking at their expressions.

Check out the video about for Quantum Break tidbits from Xbox On.

Quantum Break is heading to Xbox One and PC on April 5. The game was recently confirmed for PC by Remedy Entertainment and it was revealed pre order incentive on Xbox One is a free copy of Alan Wake.