Quantum Break Will Make You Feel Like a “Badass” With Super Powers

Quantum Break will make players feel like a badass with great time manipulating capabilities, according to Remedy Entertainment. However, they will make sure everything is balanced, player isn’t overpowered and each encounter presents a challenge.

Speaking in an interview, Kyle Rowley, Lead Game Designer said that this is a super-hero style origin story, that is why Jack has all these powers. But that doesn’t mean he can punch his way out of every situation.

In Quantum Break it was important to us that as a player, you feel empowered and feel like a badass. I’ll always remember when I was playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 and at the end of the game, you have all these awesome powers – you’re storming towards an enemy base and force-lighting all these helpless enemies.

He added:

Cries of “he’s too powerful, ahhhh” really made me feel like I was some supreme being, and it made me feel like I was the most terrifying Sith Lord to ever grace the galaxy, and that everyone should fear me. So when developing Quantum Break, we’ve tried to ensure the core mechanics have been designed to make you really feel like you’re powerful, like you can control time, like you’re special in some way, and that taking down enemies feels satisfying.

That being said, Monarch aren’t easy targets as they are very aggressive. They won’t go down without a fight and they hit hard.

Players will need to make use of more defensive powers during an encounter. Rowley said that even though he helped design this game, he still gets his butt kicked in it.

Quantum Break will release on Xbox One and PC on April 5.

Source: Express.Co.Uk