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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst City Will be Like a Character of its own says Producer

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst city, known as Glass is a vast metropolis waiting to be explored. As Eve we’ll get to know its secrets, especially up in the heights where most people don’t venture.

This is the beauty of the first game and where hopefully Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will also focus on. If comments by Senior Producer Sara Jansson to Examiner, we should have nothing to worry about. In fact, the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst city will be like a character in the game:

“We see the city of Glass as a character of its own,” Jansson said of the city itself, “It has its own character, personality and history. When designing it, we were focusing a lot on gameplay.”

They also revealed that the city will have a day/night cycle which will affect the way the game plays:

“…nighttime has a different type of atmosphere than the daytime,” said Jansson, “There is rain in the game but only during specific missions, not dynamic that is changing while in free-roam.”

For those who still want to take part in the combat in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Edge city, this will still be an aspect of the game:

“Then we have the combat, which is a greater extension of the movement, so you’re going to be able to learn more new moves and attacks over time,” explained Jansson, “At its core the combat is about how you combine the use of the environment with your momentum, your moves and with attacks, but gamers are also going to be able to expand those attacks that you have.”

Are you looking forward to exploring Glass? Let us know in the comments section below.