Hitman Beta Gameplay Shows A Promising Start for the Game

The Hitman Beta has started on PlayStation 4 today and people are getting their first taste of the game. If you’ve not got access yet or just want to get a taste of what to expect, we have some Hitman Beta gameplay for you.

In the video you see the training mission, be aware that this is not the “Final Test” which is more open for the user. The video is by Arrekz Gaming and the player gives a good walkthrough of not simply completing the mission, but the many ways this can be done.

What will impress players is that this confirms that the Hitman Beta, and the complete game is built up on the knowledge of what worked in the past. There are many improvements made, but for the most part this is the game that people loved, especially those who liked the Contracts mode.

As we mentioned in a past report, this Beta is giving the chance for IO to test their servers and make sure the infrastructure holds up to real world usage. For players, this is about trying out the game and confirming that it is money well spent. From what I’ve seen I can’t see too many pre-orders being cancelled by what is on show.

Looking at the Hitman Beta gameplay there are a few issues around framerate, but other than that and a few errors on loading it seems fairly stable. When more people get time to log on and give the servers more of a test, then we may see more problems arise. For now though it looks like this Beta is a success.

What are your thoughts on the Hitman Beta Gameplay? Are you looking forward to the full game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.