Dying Light Spotlight Edition Costs $10M, Gets You a Role in Its Film

Well, we have some pretty bizarre news for you guys today. Warner Bros has introduced a very special edition of Dying Light called The Spotlight Edition. Buying it will get you a role in Dying Light: The Movie. Unfortunately, the movie role will cost you $10 million.

That’s right, Dying Light Spotlight Edition costs $10 million. It is the most insane special edition for a game I have ever seen. Not many of us can afford to pay $10 million or even if you can do so, should you? Because people get paid to be in a movie, not pay to be in one.

To prepare you for your role in the film you will be trained by Roger Craig Smith. You will receive parkour training, get your own trailer on-set, first class flights and accommodations for screening tours, off-road driving course, original copy of the script and dialogue, 10 VIP tickets for opening night, FX make-up session, voice Kyle Crane and I almost forgot, you’re getting 4 copies of Dying Light: The Following.

Dying Light Spotlight Edition is not worth a single dime. However, there are people who may actually buy this. Such folks should know that it is a GAME exclusive and is up for sale on its website.