Crackdown 3 Agility Orb Collecting Will be Even More Important for Exploration

The world of Crackdown is a weird and wonderful place. Exploring the city will be one of the things that fans remember fondly, especially when agility was upgraded. So how will Crackdown 3 agility building help in your new explorations in the new game?

In a new podcast which included Peter Connelly (Executive Producer), John Noonan (Senior Producer), Stephen Lannetta (Lead World Designer) and Dave Jones (Creative Director) they discussed what agility brings to the game.

In the discussion they comment on how the orbs that are collected become so important, especially to people playing the games. I remember well working for hours to collect all the hidden agility orbs that were hidden around the map. But how will this be used in Crackdown 3?

The Crackdown 3 agility collection is going to be “an entirely new experience”. The levels this time will be designed around the character levelling up. There will be a different style to the city with an eye in manipulating the player to build up their levels using the abilities powered up.

In the first two Crackdown games there was a slightly generic look to it, but there was still a distinctness to each section of the map. You could tell the rich area, the industrial and the more residential zones. In Crackdown 3 you’ll be able to see the different styles based on the people who live there, and the world will feel more alive to the player.

Along with the architecture that has been created, there will be more of an involved world. This will include elevators and moving platforms around the buildings. Thankfully though for those who played the previous games, it will be a recognisable world they will feel they have been in before.

Are you looking forward to collecting all the Crackdown 3 agility orbs to explore the world of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.