Watch Dogs 2 Release Coming Before March 2016, Ubisoft Reveal

Now that we know Assassin’s Creed is on a break this year, what will take its place? The answer to that has been revealed in the news of the planned Watch Dogs 2 release details.

This news was revealed in the third-quarter financial report that took place today. Part of this report looks at the future of Ubisoft and what they are looking to release. When revealing the game slate for 2016/2017 the company revealed that the Watch Dogs 2 release is looking to be before March 2017. This means that there is a chance we’ll see it this year.

In saying before March 2017 this is giving some breathing space for a game that is still in development. What fans will think of the news will be interesting, especially when this was one of the big current generation releases that didn’t exactly meet expectation. In fact, it was the first to make people re-evaluate what they saw in the demonstrations and what would actually be released to gamers.

I will admit to actually liking Watch Dogs, especially the fun of walking the streets and snooping on the details about the people around you. Hopefully this type of gameplay will make a comeback, and some of the weaker points of the game will be improved. Now that Assassin’s Creed is on a break, hopefully Ubisoft can concentrate many of their resources on making this a better game.

With Rainbow Six Siege also proving to be a hit with gamers, will this also lead to more of move to online play? This will be interesting to see, but of course pure speculation for now.

What are your thoughts on the Watch Dogs 2 release details? Let us know in the comments section below.