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Report: New Samurai Shodown to Launch in 2017

According to a recent report, SNK Playmore is currently working on a new entry in popular Samurai Shodown series.

The report further reads that the new game currently has a target release window of 2017. Taking on a similar approach as the upcoming King of Fighters XIV, the upcoming Samurai Shodown is expected to employ 2D gameplay with 3D models and is also said to bring the franchise back to its roots.

This is not all! It is also being reported that SNK Playmore will release the game alongside a new anime adaptation – once again, a similar approach as the King of Fighters XIV.

Being a huge SS fan, I cannot help but hope against hope that this turns out to be true, but until we hear anything official from SNK Playmore, I recommend taking all this with a grain of salt.

The latest of Samurai Shodown series, Edge of Destiny released back in 2009 for Xbox 360. As for the upcoming King of Fighters XIV, it is scheduled to release sometime this year only on Playstation 4.

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Source: Hadoken.

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