Hitman Story to be More of a Contemporary Thriller Says IO Studio Head

The Hitman Beta is just around the corner, and now that more details about the release are being released, we can take a closer look at the game. This includes how the story elements will fit together in the game’s new model and The Hitman Story.

In a recent interview, Hannes Seifert Studio Head of IO Interactive talked about how the story will work. One thing he revealed was how cut-scenes would work in the game:

“We decided to use less of these action sort of cutscenes and making it more of a contemporary thriller. We have a strong focus on characters and a sense of thriller. That connects the overarching season, but a lot of the details are found in the levels and by being episodic, that means there are a lot of opportunities with the side missions, escalation contracts and elusive targets to tell all of these angles,”

Fans of Hitman know that Agent 47 makes use of disguises to great success. This is something that won’t be changing in the latest game, though don’t expect them to always work:

“The combination of what disguises can do and the enforcer gameplay we have makes a very logical environment. Let’s say there are two security guards and you kill one of them. You put on his coat and they’ve been working together standing at the stairs, obviously the other one will not recognize you. The other security guards might not care because there are so many of them. The head of security, however, will know the entire team.

If you draw a weapon, many people will become enforcers because they will see you have a weapon, unless you are a bodyguard then it’s okay to have a weapon. Some disguises are very powerful and are hard to get or you need a certain creativity to get. Once you get them though, they give you lots of access to things.”

We’ll no doubt be able to see this in action during the Hitman Beta which comes to PlayStation 4 tomorrow, with PC getting it February 19. The game will then release March 11, so not long to wait now.

Are you looking forward to the Hitman release? What are your thoughts on the Hitman story being a contemporary thriller? Let us know in the comments section below.