Hitman Beta Aims at Testing the Server Infrastructure Based on Past Game Issues

Beta versions of games are made to test for bugs, and hopefully find them. The Hitman Beta which begins of PlayStation 4 tomorrow has a specific aim, which should prove well for the official release.

Speaking to Examiner Studio Head of IO Interactive Hannes Seifert discussed the reasons for the Hitman Beta, and what specific plans they had. It appears that they stem from issues with Hitman: Absolution and its success:

“This is the strongest live game we’ve ever done. We had some hiccups with Absolution because the success of Contracts was just bigger than we had expected, which is a good thing in and of itself. Now our server infrastructure is much bigger because it has to carry all the other features as well and we want to make sure that both our technology, how it’s running on the actual platforms, plus our infrastructure live up to that. That’s where the beta will be a tremendous help. The beta is the first bit of what is to come during the rest of 2016.”

What is apparent is the fact that IO Interactive appear ready for the challenge that Hitman is going to provide them with. The Hitman Beta will be testing the new infrastructure they have built and hopefully proving it to be a success. We’ll have to see how it handles the number of people who will be trying to game out when the Beta begins.

The Hitman Beta starts tomorrow, February 12 for PlayStation 4 and will be heading to the PC, February 19. Once this is done, we’ll then have less than a month to wait for the March 11 release.

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