Gears of War 4 News Teased, Coming to PC as Well? (Update)

Update: It looks like GameSpot may have leaked Gears of War 4 PC.

And the plot thickens!

Original Story: Since its announcement, Gears of War 4 news has been scarce. Microsoft nor The Coalition, developer behind the game, has talked much about it so we are curious what is going on behind the scenes? Well, we do know that everything is going smoothly so rest assured, and as for news, we are told that something will be shared soon.

We don’t know what developers have planned for it, but could an announcement for PC version be possible? Well, there isn’t much to go on but judging by the amount of Xbox exclusives coming to PC, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Gears 4 on PC.

If you don’t know, just now it was announced that Quantum Break is shedding its Xbox exclusively mere months before release. It is now heading to PC as well. Such a massive Xbox exclusive coming to PC makes us believe that anything is possible.

Needless to say that we don’t know what this news is about and when will it be shared, so this is just pure speculation on our part. We’ll keep you updated on the story’s further developments.

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