Firewatch Lead Actress Cissy Jones to Voice Lead Character in ADR1FT

Recently released Firewatch is a game about communication and at times the lack of it, which is why the vocal talent in the game is so important. In a recent interview, Firewatch lead actress Cissy Jones talked about her involvement in the game as well as giving a hint to future work.

Cissy Jones has worked on games such as Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Life is Strange and Fallout 4. Her most recent work though has been as the Firewatch lead actress, playing Delilah one of the few people you make contact with in the game. In a recent interview she gave some insight into her role.

While there aren’t any real spoilers revealed in the quotes below, be aware that the process of making the game is discussed, as his her character.

On her character Delilah she revealed:

“I really love this aspect of the game. The player gets to decide how they want to engage with Delilah based on personality alone, not what she looks like. So for me, it was kind of cart blanche to take it to 11! I got to be at times goofy, funny, serious, flirty… And I didn’t have to make sure she fit into the typical “hot girl” or “good buddy” mold.”

On how her many responses to the main character during the game were created, with different tones based on your responses she revealed that they were recorded as normal conversations:

“It was remarkably easy. Sean Vanaman (the writer/creator) had Rich Sommer and I record from our respective home studios at the same time, while bridging into a conference call. So the dialogue you hear is an actual conversation, which made it so easy to keep natural! The responses are genuine.”

Perhaps her most important revelation for gamers though is her future work (or at least the one she can reveal):

“There is a lot still under NDA, yes, but one project I CAN talk about (and am immensely excited about) is ADR1FT, launching March 28 with Oculus Rift! I am the lead character, Alex Oshima, as well as one of the side characters. It’s such a stunning game and I can’t wait for people to get their hands on it!”

Are you looking forward to hearing Cissy Jones in ADR1FT? What did you think of her performance in Firewatch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.