Fan’s Quantum Break Reaction Gets Slapped Down by Phil Spencer

The news has been revealed and there are some interesting Quantum Break reactions. Some gamers have decided to vent their annoyance to Phil Spencer, who doesn’t appear to back down when he replies on Twitter.

Watching Twittter to see how fans have taken the news, many will have seen one person telling Phil Spencer that they were cancelling their pre-order after the news that it would be released on PC too. The reaction from Spencer was straight to the point:

While some were impressed by Spencer’s comeback, others though the fan’s Quantum Break reaction was to the point and justified. The feeling seems to be that somehow Xbox One fans are being punished:

What we have to remember about this news today is that it is part of Microsoft’s strategy of pulling Xbox One and Windows 10 closer together. While I’m sure that some fans reactions are justified, the fact that Quantum Break is releasing on the PC too is not going to threaten the console, it is in fact a positive move.

While it is safe to assume that my Quantum Break reaction won’t be the same as many fans, this news is arguably something we’ll have to get used to. Exclusives will come to the PC too, especially from Xbox One. With the upcoming release of Street Fighter V we also see that PlayStation 4 “exclusives” are coming to the PC too. Is that such a bad thing?

What are your thoughts on this Quantum Break reaction? Let us know in the comments section below.