Destiny Sequel Confirmed for 2017, with Destiny Expansion Coming This Year

Activision have revealed their financial results, and not surprisingly have done well. What is more interesting though is the confirmation of a Destiny sequel, and a new expansion heading to the game this year.

While there have been rumours of a Destiny sequel there has not been any definite confirmation until now. In the financial results though, Activision have now confirmed:

“Activision Publishing, along with its partners at Bungie, expects to bring a large new expansion to Destiny in 2016 and to release a full game sequel in 2017.”

With the last significant expansion to the game being The Taken King, this will be welcome news to fans of Destiny, and the players who still invest time in the game. The fact that a sequel has been revealed for 2017 will be big news. The question now is when will we see any news of the big release?

Obviously we can expect news on the expansion to emerge around the time of E3, but with letting us also know about the sequel will we get some kind of teaser? Chances are they may save that for next year, but as we know even games coming in the future do get some kind of teaser.

Obviously fans will expect to see some hint of what to expect in the Destiny sequel, and we’ll report news as we find it. Finally though we have confirmation that the game is definitely coming. A new expansion will be obviously welcome too in the run up to next years release.

Are you looking forward to the Destiny sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.