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Virtual Reality Developer Leaves Sony to go Independent

It may take people some convincing that Virtual Reality is going to be more of a fad. That doesn’t mean that Dr Dave Ranyard leaving Sony to work on Virtual Reality independently an interesting an seemingly interesting move in the growth of the technology.

In a statement he revealed his reasons for leaving Sony London and going independent:

“2016 is going to be THE year of VR so it’s the perfect time for me to take this step into independent development,” he said in a statement. “The emergence of a new medium like VR doesn’t come along very often and I really want to be a part of this new world. It was a tough decision to leave Sony as I have really enjoyed my time there, working on some amazing games and making some lifelong friends. I’m also a huge PlayStation fanboy at heart so am looking forward to working on Sony’s VR platform in addition to others that will be available.”

Why is this so interesting? Well this means that he can now work independent of Sony and work on developments not only for the PlayStation VR but also other Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, which is arguably the main competition to Sony’s plans.

While Ranyard hasn’t revealed anymore details about his future plans, there is no doubt that this could be exciting for people who are looking for big things from Virtual Reality. We’ll have to keep an eye on developments in this story to see just where he ends up.

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