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The Division Open Beta Will Not Carry Over Closed Beta Progress

We reported on the official confirmation provided by Ubisoft for the existence and schedule of Tom Clancy’s The Division open beta testing phase; one of the first things this should bring to the minds of the closed beta participants is that what would happen to their game progress?

If a closed beta tester takes part in the open beta as well, will he or she be able to continue from the same level that the previous beta testing phase ended on? Or will he or she have to start afresh?

The same question was asked by a fan on the official forums of the game where Natchai Stappers, the Community Manager of Ubisoft responded. Sadly, you are going to lose all progress that you had made in the closed beta.

No, you will likely need to restart. However, if you have the Closed Beta installed you will be able to download a small patch and play the Open Beta normally.

That second part is still going to be of interest to many because usually a person would play the closed beta and delete the files thinking that they will not be needed in the future. In that case, you would have to download the entire game files in order to play The Division open beta.

However, the open beta patch that we just reported on a couple of hours ago is all you will need to download if you still have the closed beta downloaded.

That being said, a host of changes are being made with The Division open beta, you can check out the patch notes on the link above.