The Division Open Beta – A Detailed Look at the Updates

Now that we know that The Division Open Beta is coming, it has also been revealed that new things will be coming. We reported earlier the details of what will be coming, but now we have a more detailed look at what will be available.

To read the full list of the changes to The Division Open Beta visit our earlier report which covers the basics of what was included in the new update to the game. In the video above by

">Arekkz we get a more detailed analysis of what these changes mean to the game and for people who have already played.

What is good to see is that there are plenty of bug fixes and balancing updates to The Division Open Beta that should help improve the experience. It is also interesting that we’ll be getting a new faction in the form of The Cleaners, as well as being able to visit the Subway Morgue.

In the video we also see some of the rewards that will be coming to players who take part in the Open Beta, as well as the ones who took part in the closed one. There are plenty of updates to cheat preventions and fixes for glitches that should make the experience (particularly on PC) much better.

The Open Beta will start pre-loading on February 16, and be around 1.6GB in size. The Xbox One will get The Division Open Beta on February 18, while PlayStation 4 and PC players will have access from February 19. This will then end on February 21.

Are you looking forward to getting access to The Division Open Beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.