Star Fox Zero is So Bad it Might Not Pass Quality Assurance [Rumor]

Platinum Games is very well reputed for churning out games that impress, even with Star Fox Zero they have shown a lot of promise, one example of which were the expected fun uses of the GamePad for Wii U – however, it looks like they might have made a bit of a mess with the development.

This is not the first time we have picked up rumors on that front, previously it has been claimed that the developers were not having as much success with the motion controls as they wanted which is why the game got delayed.

Now, new rumors paint an even sorry picture as far as the development of Star Fox Zero is concerned. Some insiders have been speaking to the press, apparently, and they have revealed that the developers are having a bit of a “nightmare” right now because they are not sure if the game will pass quality assurance.

This is certainly disconcerting, and it looks like yet another delay could be imposed if they do not get a “thumbs up” for the game’s quality.

Talking of the credibility of the aforementioned source, this is the same guy who leaked Mini Mario & Friends, so I guess we can at least consider his opinion on the topic of Star Fox Zero.