Quantum Break Trailer is Teased In a Suitably Timely Fashion

This year seems to be the time when we finally see the release of some of the most delayed games. The new upcoming Quantum Break Trailer is going to hype up its upcoming release, which has been delayed for quite some time.

Tomorrow, February 11 is the date that has been set for the new Quantum Break Trailer to be revealed. With the game being an Xbox One exclusive, it comes as no surprise that Xbox would be the one to release a teaser to the trailer:

As you can see, this is a teaser in the true sense, and is in fact only one second long. What does it reveal? Well we see the main character Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore) or at least we assume it is him. We also see laser sights finding the best shot to take him out. No doubt we’ll see much more of this scene when the trailer is revealed tomorrow.

We’ve been waiting some time for Quantum Break, and fans of the company, known for games like Alan Wake are looking forward to seeing the game finally released. Whether it will live up to all the hype is yet to be seen. With such a delayed development time though, it definitely has a lot to prove.

That said, there is still hope for Quantum Break and as an Xbox One exclusive Microsoft will obviously be looking for this game to deliver. To see if it does we’ll have to wait until it finally reaches stores on April 5.

Will you be watching the Quantum Break Trailer? Are you still looking forward to the game finally getting released? Let us know in the comments section below.