Overwatch Progression, Unlockables and More Discussed

Overwatch beta was launched again a couple of hours ago which has brought the game back into the limelight. Blizzard’s Game Director, Jeff Kaplan has some more details that you might be interested in while trying out the game.

First off, we know that the game is not a progression-based title which is why Kaplan says that they have not put a cap on progression, “there are unlimited levels” and you can always level up.

However, every time you level up you will get a loot box that unlocks four items for you. However, he says that “you don’t gain any sort of advantage over other player by unlocking these items. They’re purely for player expression, and just because they’re cool.”

Talking of unlockables, he revealed that you can get skins for all characters, a ton of emotes, and “Highlight Intro” animations that show off the characters doing some really cool stuff. You also get to unlock voice over lines, by the way.

The best part is, if you keep getting the same items again and again you can sell the duplicates for in-game “credits” that will be usable for purchasing other items that you have not been able to unlock even after multiple tries.

Loot boxes, in themselves, are not purchasable although the Overwatch developers say that “we’re definitely open to exploring allowing the loot boxes to be purchasable at some point, but we haven’t gotten to it yet.”

Kaplan also talked about the Hero Gallery where you can “really browse through all the heroes and unlockable stuff” and right now they want to ensure that people find this to be fun in the Overwatch beta, they will decide about making items directly purchasable later.

Thanks, PCGamer.