H1Z1 Split Will Make it More Tense and Challenging Reveals New Producer

We reported last week about the big changes coming to H1Z1. There is no doubt that this will have created many questions for fans who want to know what the future of their favourite survivalist game is going to be and how the H1Z1 split will affect them. Now we may have some answers to those questions.

In a recent AMA on Reddit Executive Producer Chris Wynn, new to Daybreak Games answered some questions about the changes that will be coming in the H1Z1 Split. In particular he revealed the importance of tension and challenge in Just survive:

“The number 1 feature for Just Survive is also a little high level. I want there to be more tension and a higher challenge. That will manifest itself through several features as opposed to just one.

I think it is important that the zombies present a real challenge to the player. Having some variation in there is key to providing different challenges to achieving that. As far as how “supernatural” it gets, that is tough to define. If it is fun, adds challenge and tension then we should consider it. If it is gimmicky, then I would push back on the design team to try some other variations.

The tension and ability to forge my own goals. I want to double down on that in the short term to really maximize that aspect of the game. I definitely want to make the game more tense and challenging.”

Wynn mentioned how he wanted to concentrate on polishing the game somewhat, which is something the Early Access is arguably lacking in:

“Top 3 applies to both as it is a bit high level: 1) Solidify the foundation 2) Polish what’s there 3) Expand with cool new features

Not necessarily just from BioWare, but I really think that I can help the team achieve a higher quality bar. What I have learned is that quality is a result of team culture.

Right now, I am excited about polish. That may sound weird, but the game overall is going to get so much better with the right amount of polish. There are some long term ideas that get me pretty excited, but I don’t want to lose focus on the short term.

Right now it is about focus and priorities. After that, then we can start looking at depth and breadth of the feature set. The core gameplay is great, but we need to polish it before expanding out.”

For those who enjoy Battle Royale (which will become H1Z1: King of the Kill) you’ll know the importance of how the guns work in the game. This is something Wynn is giving close attention to:

“Gunplay will be receiving a lot of my personal attention. It has to be more satisfying than it is now, it needs to be more consistent, predictable, and rewarding. At some point, I want to expand on the current weapon set. But not until the ones that are there are balanced, consistent, and predictable.”

The AMA with Chris Wynn is well worth a read as it reveals some interesting details about the future of the game, and its split. For people who want to know about the future of the H1Z1 split, it does look like it is in good hands.

Are you looking forward to the H1Z1 split and its coming to consoles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.