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EA Valentine’s Day Cards Provide Romantic Gaming Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the day of love for some, but for others just another day. EA Valentine’s Day celebrations have been revealed in the form of some interesting cards.

In a new blog from EA the company want you to send out some love, with the help of some of their games. Below are some cards that they are making available for you to print out. To find the “foldable” version of the cards, be sure to visit the blog.

Here are our thoughts on the EA Valentine’s Day card suggestions:

Obviously with Unravel just being released, EA are wanting to use Yarny as a recognisable character so he is an obvious choice for a card of this type. If you like the new character and find him lovable enough, here is his card:


If you’ve played The Sims for any length of time you’ll know the importance of romance to the game. So it comes as no surprise that they too have an EA Valentine’s Day card available:


While the Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 game doesn’t exactly focus on romance, the plants do like to be included in the romance, as you can see below:


Have you ever asked your love to “Race into my arms”? Probably not…so this Need for Speed EA Valentine’s Day card is one of the more forgettable suggestions.


FIFA 16 as with Need for Speed isn’t an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day, if anything your partner will probably want you to spend less time on it. I don’t think this one is a “keeper”:

ea-valentines-fifa 16

Dragon Age: Inquisition features plenty of chances for romance, and I do find “You will always be my Inquisitor” to be romantic. Is this the best of the EA Valentine’s Day Card suggestions?


Lastly looking to the future EA have the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst card, featuring Faith. “I have Faith in you, Valentine” …yes, how romantic:


What are your thoughts on these EA Valentine’s Day cards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.