Dark Souls 3 Mythology Experts Set to Win $100,000

How well do you think you know the Dark Souls 3 Mythology? Or at least the mythology leading up to the game? Some think they know it well, and may win $10,000 based on their knowledge.

My Dark Souls Story was a contest to create a video to describe the mythology of the game, that could be used to introduce new people to the games, and welcome them to Dark Souls 3. Now that the competition has come to an end, we now await to see who wins. Kotaku have collected a few of the favourites set to win, with the one above being one of the top.

Taking a mockumentary style, it impressively reveals much of the mythology while take a comedic approach. Nerdy, Inc describe their video as:

“The Dark Souls story leaves a lot up to the interpretation of the player. Our documentary team, with the help of some historians, looked into the mysteries surrounding the Chosen Undead and the Light of the First Flame.”

As a fan of the Dark Souls games as well as Bloodborne, I think this video does handle the Dark Souls 3 mythology well and simplifies a story that at times can seem a little overcomplicated. Whether this will be the winning video is yet to be revealed.

Dark Souls 3 is one of the popular releases to be coming this year, and with the selling out of the Prestige Edition we are given a hint as to just how popular. Now that we’ve also seen the opening cinematic for the game the April 12 release date couldn’t come any sooner.

Have you watched the other videos? Which one do you think deserves to be the winner?