Battlefield 4 Anti-Cheat System Gets a Server Update

While all thought may be on the eventual reveal of Battlefield 5 this year, that doesn’t mean that updates won’t be coming to Battlefield 4. One that has recently arrived to the game looks to be focused on cheaters and blocking their actions through the Battlefield 4 anti-cheat system.

B4Central have reported that the Battlefield 4 R56 server update have made changes to the anti-cheat system to make it even better. Hopefully this does its job well and doesn’t get in the way of people enjoying their game.

Also worthy of note is the fact that DICE have held back from releasing any patch notes for this update just revealing a message which states “Additional stability and security updates on the back-end followed by server restarts”. These updates took place yesterday and should now be applied to all players of the game regardless of what platform they are using.

Although Battlefield 4 is ageing now, it is still well used and supported by DICE. This is why the Battlefield 4 anti-cheat system is so important to the game. To keep things level and enjoyable for everybody, stopping people from exploiting glitches and weakness in the server is as important as ever.

We’ll have to watch community reaction to these updates to see if known issues have been fixed, and glitches removed from the game. As ever, if they update has led to a degrading of performance we are likely to know pretty soon as people play the game.

What are your thoughts on the Battlefield 4 anti-cheat system update? Will it stop cheats from ruining the experience? Let us know in the comments section below.