Vote to Play for PlayStation Plus Starts Today

We reported that Vote to Play was making a return for PlayStation Plus a week ago, but now is your time to choose. Voting has opened today, and these results will decide which game will come to the Plus service.

The game choices were revealed as:

Action Henk!

Action Henk is a fast paced running, jumping and butt-sliding platformer in a glorious 3D toy filled world! We’d love to share Action Henk with the PS+ players for free, so vote for Henk!

Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus is a fast paced tightly tuned shoot’em’up that plays like a modern day arcade. It’s exciting to see Cactus make it to PlayStation 4, we hope you’ll vote for it so everyone can get to experience it!


Broforce fights terror in the name of freedom through the use of excessive force to blast liberty into terrorists. Vote for Broforce because freedom should be free.

As I mentioned when we revealed the games in the original news item, my choice is Broforce. For those who already have the game (as I do for the PC) I took a look at the other two games, and my choice of the two may be Action Henk! Especially as this is a brand new game and untested on the audience. It does look a lot like Speedrunner style games though, so we may find that we’ve played similar before. The video above shows the developers giving us reasons why we should vote for their game.

Which game are you going for? Is the power of Broforce too strong to be beaten? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.