Ubisoft Explains Why The Division is a Third Person Shooter

Developer Ubisoft has explained why The Division is a third-person shooter, rather than first person. According to Ubi, third person view fits the cover-based gameplay perfectly.

They say first person didn’t really made sense for The Division when you look at its open-world, exploration, and cover-based gameplay.

I think it fits the cover-based gameplay so well, and that’s really what we wanted to do. If you close your eyes and think “Okay, we have this incredibly detailed real-world city, it’s open-world, it’s a cover-based shooter, there’s exploration, there are gadgets.” Would first-person make sense? Not particularly. It’s better suited to a third-person experience.

Most open-worlds games do go with third-person view, we can look at GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Watch Dogs etc. Of course, many would prefer play it in first person view and those may look at mods for such an experience. Sadly, The Division does not support mods as it “technically” challenging.

Previously, Ubisoft announced that there isn’t going to be any mod support for their upcoming open-worlds shooter.

No. Since The Division is an online, open-world action-RPG, its genre makes modding support technically challenging. However, we are focused on providing the best experience for all PC players.

It is a bit disappointing but if it is best for the game, we can live with it.

The Division will release on March 8 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.