The Division: Rikers Island Will Host a Group Raid, Details Leaked?

The Division will  feature group raids and lately there have been rumors about multi-group activities. The rumor mill was fueled once again when a reddit post (now deleted) gave away from new information related to group raids.

If we believe the post, raids will have a maximum limit of 8 players per group. However, presumably, less players can attempt the raid. One of the raids is going to take place in Rikers Island, inside a prison facility. The facility is overrun by its inmates after the breakout.

There are two difficulty levels for this particular raid mission, normal and hard. Each difficulty level will have its own level requirement. For normal, you must have at least level 27 while in order to attempt Rikers Island in hard mode you must have the maximum level, which is 30.

That’s not all, apart from the level requirement you also need to make sure you complete a couple of The Division story missions. Once that’s done and you have the minimum level, Rikers Island will unlock.

There is no confirmation from Ubisoft and now that the post is deleted as well, we have no way of confirming this news or its source. Unless, Ubisoft shares a comment which I doubt they will due to potential spoilers.

Anyways, we’ll know what’s up when the game comes out on March 8.