The Division Won’t Feature Brooklyn DLC, Trading Still Being Worked On

While at one point we didn’t know enough about The Division, as we build up to the release this has changed. In fact we know so much about it that we’ve got to the point of knowing what won’t be included in the game, even if we’ve seen it in the past.

Some details have been revealed by Examiner which is based on an interview with The Black Hokage. It appears that we won’t be seeing Brooklyn, not even as part of a DLC add-on. This may come as a surprise to some as this location was part of the demonstrations shown at the E3 2013 reveal.

While we know there will be three expansions coming to The Division, Ubisoft’s Julian Gerighty confirmed that “Brooklyn is not going to be DLC”. So unless something changes in the future it looks like that location is ruled out for this version of the game.

Another missing part of the game appears to be the ability to trade with other players. This won’t be there at release, but Ubisoft are looking to add it in:

“Anybody who plays this kind of game, trading is a big part of it. It’s something we’re still investigating. A lot of people on the team really want it, so I wouldn’t rule it out fairly soon after launch. It’s a matter of when [it arrives], and we don’t want to ruin the economy as it stands today…It’s a great idea on paper, and we really like it and really want it, but we don’t want to break the experience,”

We’ll be able to play The Division next week when the Open Beta comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. With some new content not included in the Closed Beta, it will be interesting to once again step into the Dark Zone.

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