Street Fighter V Download Size Revealed?

With the release date of Street Fighter V a week away, this is normally where we find out details such as the file size. It seems this may have been revealed, though the actual size seems a little small.

Based on reports by SpazioGames they say the game may be 6.4GB in size, and have a screenshot to back this up. The problem with this is that this appears to be a little small for a full game release like this.


One possibility is that the download size reported here may be the Beta size, which is much more believable. As the game is not yet released though, this could just be an error on the store page. This can easily be remedied before next week and we may see the file size suddenly jump up to something much more believable.

Whatever the truth is behind the file size, there is no doubt that gamers will be also interested in if a pre-loading will be available before the release of the game. This is something that again, we’ll have to wait for but the news should come soon. Until then fans will just have to wait and anticipate finally being able to play the full version of the game.

If this file size is revealed to be the actual initial download, there may be reasons for this, and that is how the install in deployed. All we can assume for now is that this file size is a little questionable and we’ll await confirmation of the true file size soon.

What are your thoughts on this file size? Do you expect it to grow before the release? Let us know in the comments section below.