Street Fighter 5: Alex, PS3 Sticks Rumored; Game to Get One Character Per Month

Street Fighter 5 might not have secured a perfect review score from the biggest video games magazine in Japan, but it has tons of other reasons for you to be excited about. For instance, word is circling the internet that the game will feature fan favorite character Alex too.

The Street Fighter 3 famed character has been rumored for the upcoming game in the past as well and this time Spanish website Meristation reports that he will be one of the six characters that will be released in the first DLC of the game – the others being Ibuki, Urien, Balrog, Guile and Juri.

More on characters suggests that the price of getting your hands on one of them will will be 100K Fight Money or 600 Zenny.

Moving on, it is also being rumored that Street Fighter 5 is going to bring the players one new character every month. This has come as a surprise to us because of the huge number of characters this will bring to Street Fighter 5 in a short period of time.

It is also being suggested that the game will get a spectator mode but not at launch – the functionality will be added later. However, Challenge mode is expected to be added next month i.e. March.

The most interesting rumor for returning fans of the series is that Street Fighter 5 is going to support PS3 sticks on PC. If this is true it will mean a large number of fans will not have to spend money on getting new controllers for their PC version of the game – unless they want to.

Thanks, Meristation.