Report: Activision Asks to Remove Leaked Black Ops 3 Weapons Information

Black Ops 3 publisher Activision is feeling a little protective as it recently asked Charlie Intel to remove an image they published. The image showed some upcoming weapons for Black Ops 3.

A recent patch for Black Ops 3 gave away this information. The weapons in question included M2 Raider, a very powerful assault rifle. The small yet powerful Marshal 16 pistol was also spotted along with, Fury’s Song sword, NX Phantom crossbow, and Iron Jim Crossbar melee weapon.

All of these weapons sound enticing but the only concern we have is they might come in supply drops. It is a concern because lately all we seem to get is Inferno camo. It is possible that Activision may sell them as weapons pack, it isn’t ideal, but then at least we’ll have a direct way of getting them. Otherwise, we’ll be relying on pure luck.

However, it is about time we get some free weapons for Black Ops 3.

Little after the news broke, Activision came forward with a request of removal of that particular image. The publisher itself coming forward is a strong indication that this information leak is legit, we’ll have to wait for more updates on the story though, so we can know more about these weapons.

For now, these weapons aren’t available under” Custom Games menu.” But on Xbox One, a “Top Secret” weapon is listed in “Assault Rifles” under the M8 “Create-A-Class.”