Quantum Break News Teased for Thursday, Sequel isn’t Out of the Question

Quantum Break will hit Xbox One in a few months and rumor has it that it may come to PC as well. Although we know a lot about the game already, Remedy is teasing more information for Thursday.

Quantum Break team revealed to us that something new is going to be shared in a couple of days. We don’t yet know what it is, but if I have to guess, we may hear something about a Xbox One bundle for the game. Possibly a custom console? Wouldn’t mind one.

A lot is expected from Quantum Break and people are already talking about the possibility of a sequel. Of course, devs can’t outright confirm their future plans for the time being, but they do say that there are ways the story can be expanded.

That said, Quantum Break deals with Jack’s hero journey and origin story in a “very conclusive” manner. It has a beginning and an end, so we can expect a self-contained game. Yet, there are many elements that the game only suggests, and many strands of the story that could be explored if there is more Quantum Break in the future.

It surely looks like a game that will contain itself but there are always ways for devs to make it work. Depends on how the game turns out, I wouldn’t mind a second entry and

Quantum Break will release on Xbox One on April 5.