League of Legends Patch 6.3 Details Revealed

The latest patch for League of Legends has arrived and it appears to be a big one. Full of balancing and bug fixes, 6.3 will feature some interesting updates.

As usual with the release of a new patch for the game, patch notes have been released these are well worth a read for the more detailed updates to the game. This patch is about getting everything settled for the upcoming season:

“6.3, like the two patches before, can be thought of as the ‘final chapter’ in our preseason follow-up trilogy. While the rippling effects of the season’s changes will be felt and dealt with throughout the year, we’re getting everything nice and neat before we move on to tackle bigger and better things. This means putting out a warrant for Graves, remembering to feed the Kog’Maw, and recalling some of Corki’s weapons to match balance regulations.”

As well as a whole host of other updates, here are the bug fixes that have been revealed:

  • Champion clones now display elixir particle effects
  • Brand’s R – Pyroclasm no longer forgets to bounce to minions if cast on an Ablaze enemy champion with no other nearby enemy champions
  • Rek’Sai no longer occasionally fails to go through a tunnel when trying to use a second tunnel as she exits a first one
  • The Raptor smite buff can no longer be triggered while dead
  • Fixed a bug where the 6% max health heal effect of the Strength of the Ages mastery was calculated based on the health of the siege minion or large monster that was killed, rather than the health of the user
  • A number of missing audio issues have been fixed:
    • Ward Skin sound effects for Warding Totem and Farsight Alteration
    • Karthus’s voiceover
    • Elise’s Spider form voiceover
    • High Noon Yasuo’s Q – Steel Tempest gunshot sound effect
  • Mac players no longer see a false error message upon login
  • Mac players can once again select ward skins in champion select
  • Windowed Mode behaves properly again for the Mac client
  • The ‘Per-side offset’ and ‘Semi-locked’ camera toggles have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where killing enemies in the fog of war sometimes caused your CS counter to decrease
  • Similar to last patch’s bugfix for Malphite, the following abilities no longer trigger their effects at the start position when interacting with displacement spells like Trundle’s E – Pillar of Ice. Apologies in advance for the super-dense formatting here:
    • Ahri’s R – Essence Rush, Corki’s W – Valkyrie, Fiora’s Q – Lunge, Gragas’s E – Body Slam, Hecarim’s R – Onslaught of Shadows fear, Irelia’s Q – Bladesurge, Jarvan IV’s E – Demacian Standard/Q – Dragon Strike combo, Jax’s Q – Leap Strike, Jayce’s Hammer Form Q – To the Skies!, LeBlanc’s W – Distortion, Maokai’s W – Twisted Advance, Pantheon’s W – Aegis of Zeonia, Poppy’s E – Heroic Charge wall stun, Quinn’s E – Vault, Renekton’s E – Slice and Dice, Sejuani’s Q – Arctic Assault, Shen’s E – Shadow Dash, Shyvana’s R – Dragon’s Descent, Tryndamere’s E – Spinning Slash, Zac’s E – Elastic Slingshot

For the rest of the updates be sure to read the full patch notes. There you’ll find details on updates to champions and other balancing fixes.

Did you notice any interesting updates revealed in the patch notes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.