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Is a Final Fantasy XV Mobile Game in Development?

If LinkedIn is good for one thing it is seeing what people are working on right now. In the games industry it is a wealth of information about development that we didn’t even know was taking place, such as a Final Fantasy XV Mobile game (or app).

This information was discovered by a user on NeoGaf, and it was revealed that an artist who is connected to Chinese based company Changyou appears to be working on Final Fantasy XV Mobile. The image below shows this information, just in case the details are changed on LinkedIn:


While we assume that this is a mobile version of the game, we also have to be aware that there are a few things this could be. One of them, and what most people will probably want is a mobile version of the game. This does make sense from a Chinese developer as these games do tend to sell well on phones and tablets. The other style of app could be a companion to the main game, something many games do tend to have.

Whatever is in development, this is still interesting news. Looking at the artist’s past projects and examples that are on the profile he does impressive work. Just what a Final Fantasy XV game for mobile devices will look like will be interesting. Obviously not as impressive as a current generation game, there is still potential for a scaled down version of the game to be developed.

Do you hope to see a Final Fantasy XV game on mobile devices? Or do you think it’ll end up being a companion app? Let us know in the comments section below.