Humble Bundle is Publishing Games Now, Elephant in the Room is Their First Game

They started off pretty mediocre – primarily because of their experimental and unconventional business model – but now the Humble Bundle has grown pretty big. So big, in fact, that they are nothing less than a publisher now.

The company did not go to the press with this because they are only funding small scale projects at the moment; the first game that will technically be the publisher for is Elephant in the Room, a game that is being marketed as a Humble Original.

Humble Bundle co-founder, John Graham, was recently interviewed where he slipped in a few details regarding their latest endeavors.

He was talking about the Humble Monthly Bundle and its success that has touched about 70,000 subscribers, and decided to touch on growth prospects of the company at large.

So according to what they have planned so far, when Elephant in the Room and other Humble Originals come out, the subscribers of Humble Monthly Bundle will get special treatment like getting to play them first.

We can make meaningful deals with game developers to secure great content, we get to write our featured charity a $30,000+ check, and, because we can predict revenues fairly accurately, we’ve even started funding some small gaming projects, Humble Originals, that you won’t find anywhere else and that our subscribers will get to play first.

The Humble Bundle has a pretty decent fan following and a great approval rate among the community, therefore we expect the Humble Originals to stand a fair chance of being as good as they should be popular.

Thanks, Destructoid.