Report: PS5 Will Allow More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds Than PS4/X1

According to Criterion’s ex-Technology Director Paul Ross, the next generation of home consoles – PS5 and Xbox 2 – will let developers create “far more dynamic”, “interactive”, and “believable” in-game worlds than what Playstation 4 and Xbox One allow.

Speaking with EDGE; Ross said that physics engines have not changed since he worked on DreamCast game TrickStyle and are about rigid bodies and solid objects:

Physics engines haven’t changed since I did the physics on TrickStyle. They’re all about rigid bodies, solid objects. This is a real paradigm shift because it’s about simulating physics at a molecular level. It’s been a really hard problem to solve for quite a while.

He continued saying that with Playstation 4, some fidelity has been put into in-game worlds which is going to be further enhanced with PS5 (or whatever it will be called) leading to more interactive, dynamic, and believable worlds:

So what does a PS5 game look like? With PS4 we’ve seen some fidelity put into the worlds, but PS5’s going to be about more dynamic worlds, far more interactive worlds that are more believable in the way they behave.

Paul Ross who left Criterion back in 2014 and co-founded Three Fields Entertainment which is currently working physics-based golf game called Dangerous Golf that is expected to push the boundaries of a physics-based game.

Personally, I think we won’t be seeing next generation of consoles until 2020 if there would be any, although, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Division Phil Spencer has blatantly stated that there will be another console from Microsoft after Xbox One.

Via: VideoGamer.