The First Hitman Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video

Hitman Collector’s Edition and its contents are showcased in a new unboxing video. We can finally take a look at each and every item in detail.

The collector’s edition retails for $139 and comes with the following items:

  • Hitman Digital Game Download (Full Experience)
  • 10” Agent 47 “Chessmaster” Statue
  • Hardcover 60-page art book, curated by Art Director, Jonathan Rowe
  • Agent 47 Iconic red tie and clip set
  • Premium Collector’s Edition packaging (aka the box)

Hitman will release as an episodic game and the “full experience” will be a part of the collector’s edition. More importantly, buyers will get access to the game’s next beta.

The beta will start on February 12th.