XCOM 2 Has Native Steam Controller Support

XCOM 2 is out today for the PC and for those looking to use a controller with the game they may be disappointed. That is, unless they have a Steam Controller, which appears to have some support.

While other controllers may be supported in the future, especially if the game is to move to consoles, it has been designed with keyboard and mouse control in mind. For those who want to use a controller though, Firaxis have revealed that the game does have native Steam Controller integration:

“We’re excited to announce that Firaxis and Valve are collaborating on native integration for the Steam Controller, and we can’t wait for fans to get early access to it starting today.

XCOM 2’s native integration allows the player to do the following with the Steam Controller:

  • Use a different control scheme based on the in-game situation.
  • Experience precise and responsive 1:1 camera controls using the touchpads in the Geoscape and the Tactical view.
  • Instantly select your ability with the flexibility of the controller’s Touch Menus.

We consider this configuration to be an initial implementation, and as always, we hope the community will provide feedback in addition to making improvements to the configuration on their own.”

They also revealed that there will be an offer of 40% discount for those who purchase a Steam Controller with XCOM 2. If you’ve already purchased the game, but would still like the discount they also say that this should be possible through Steam.

Will you be using the Steam Controller with XCOM 2? Or will you be more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.