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Video: Entire The Division Map Fits into GTA V’s Los Santos City Area

By   /   Feb 5, 2016

How big is The Division map? It isn’t the biggest New York we have seen in video games. However, how big is it when compared to Fallout 4 and the massive map of Grand Theft Auto V. Well, prepare for some mathematical digging.

Although it isn’t a 1-to-1 replica of New York but it still has decent size. The map is 1.7 miles in length and when compared to GTA V, The Division map is a little smaller then the city area of Los Santos. GTA V map practically eats-up New York.

However, The Division map is more dense.

Will Ubisoft’s open-world shooter do better against Fallout 4? You will be surprise about to see the results and may change your opinion about Fallout 4 and its map size. Check out the video above to find out the results.

Source: MarcoStyle

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