Pokemon Ash and Gary Nendroids Released to celebrate 20th Anniversary

If you are a Pokemon and model collecting fan, you may be interested in this latest Nendroid set that is being released. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, the company have revealed Ash and Gary.

The release of the Nendroid set is by The Good Smile company, and you can see the details here though you’ll need to translate the page. Siliconera reported the details for the models and thankfully did the translation for us.

“The Ash and Gary Nendoroid set will include two figures, which are officially being referred to as “Red” and “Green.” Each one will have two face plates, multiple hand parts, and a few foot parts. The Pokemon included with this pair is Mew, whose head, tail, and feet will be movable. There will also be a Pokeball and backpack for Ash.”

Pre-orders for the Pokemon Ash and Gary Nendroid set begins February 27 but be aware that this is only in Japan for the moment. Buying the two together will cost ¥7,500 (~$64), so do appear a little pricey. There appears to be no announcement yet as to whether these will be released worldwide, though previous releases have made their way onto the Pokemon Center.

With this release and other celebrations like the Super Bowl advert it looks like we’ll be seeing a few special events and releases around the Pokemon anniversary this year. There is no doubt that the main aim of it all will be to keep the fans invested in the games and to keep them buying the games and the merchandise.

What are your thoughts on these new Nendroids? Will you be important them from Japan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.