How Much of The Division Map is the Dark Zone?

The latest thing for gamers to be obsession about appears to be the map size for The Division. If the entire map of the game fits into Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5, how big is the Dark Zone?

This has been investigated in a collection of images on IMGUR by user Blidside:

In the first image we see the full map world:


Using some tools they were able to remove the detail from the map, and calculated the area in pixels (525,463).



Pulling the Dark Zone out of this, they reveal that it is 94,409 pixels in size. Crunching the numbers this revealed: (94409/525463)*100 = 17.982666667%. What does this mean? Simply that the Dark Zone area is 18% of the whole map. Or it is based on the information that we have been provided with.

If you are worried about the size of the map, remember this is an Ubisoft game. We know that the map will be denser and feature much more to do than a lot of other games, and there will be new challenges added as the game progresses. The map is a decent size for what it is, and does not need to be super huge to fulfil the need of the game.

When it finally releases and we have a taste of the world of The Division then we’ll see what the game truly provides to us as the players. No doubt it will be a lot more fun to play than to obsess over details such as map size.

What are your thoughts on the map size for the game? Will it fit the expectations you have for The Division? Let us know in the comments section below.