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Grand Theft Auto Online Executives Bonus Week Starts Today

Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be busy this week for “Executives and other Criminals”. GTA$ and RP for all VIP work and challenges will be doubled.

The VIP bonuses event will run from February 5-11, with a playlist available to make finding jobs easier. This will include Extraction & Drop Zone events. To add even more incentive, the GTA$ required to become a VIP will be halved.


“Whether you’re aiming for that Employee of the Month plaque in an intra-organizational VIP Challenge or developing crucial teamwork skills in VIP Work, you’ll earn twice the cash and RP right up through Thursday, February 11th in all VIP Freemode activities. This includes protecting your VIP’s Yacht (or attacking a rival’s) in Piracy Prevention, assassinating a VIP-in-hiding in Executive Search or stealing the highest value vehicles you can in Auto Buyout.”

Along with these events, to add a little spice to things there will be discounts on some vehicles, these include:

  • 25% off Executive Cars and Helicopters
  • 25% off Gold Luxor and Gold Swift
  • 50% off Robes and Smocking Jackets
  • 10% off Docktease Speedboats, Seasharks and Sailboats
  • 10% off Yacht Customations

If you’ve been slacking in Grand Theft Auto Online and wanted to become a VIP it looks like this is a perfect chance to make that jump. It’ll be interesting to see how many people are enticed by this move by Rockstar Games and this offer to take the dive into the big money events.

Will you be playing Grand Theft Auto this week with an eye to becoming VIP? Let us know in the comments section below.