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Doom Won’t Feature Microtransactions

Now that we know the release date for Doom more questions are being raised. As with all games, fans are wanting to know if there will be any microtransactions in the game.

Pete Hines the VP for PR and Marketing at Bethesda was asked a question about microtransactions, and was fairly blunt with the reply:

While this isn’t the most verbose of replies it gives us the answer that we needed. Based on what he knows at the moment there will be no microtransactions. This is interesting as we know that pre-orders do get certain packs and skins which could have fit into the microtransaction model of payment quite easy.

With most games using microtransactions, it seems almost strange that Doom has chosen to not go down this route. Maybe it will be like Street Fighter V where there are in-game purchases but they can only be bought by building up currency by playing the game. This seems fair, and may be celebrated by players who often show their displeasure at having microtransactions thrown at them after paying so much for games.

It will also be interesting to see if the boxart for the game remains the same as it has come in for a lot of mocking on social media. To keep its image from becoming a little bit of a joke, this may need to be updated to represent the game a little better to the fans.

Are you looking forward to Doom? What do you think of the new boxart? Let us know in the comments section below.