Yoshinori Ono Discusses Street Fighter V and its Future

Street Fighter V is less than a week away now, and fans are no doubt looking forward to getting to play the next big instalment of their favourite game. Yoshinori Ono is looking forward to letting it out into the wild, and has been talking about not only the game but it’s future.

Talking to Redbull the game producer stressed the importance of not only aiming the game at hardcore players, but also opening it to a wider audience:

“We want to be able to let these less experienced people into the game and we’re doing that in a variety of ways. I’ve tried to have the controls be tuned in such a way as to allow a certain ease of use that wasn’t there before and to have it be more forgiving. Of course, players aren’t suddenly going to become pro because we’ve loosened the timing for the input of a fireball.”

He went on to discuss how it is important to remove some barriers that could hold the game back from having an even bigger fanbase, stressing that he wants players to be able to:

“grab the stick and be able to move the character on the screen in the way that they want to move it and the way that they see it happening in their mind”.

Looking to the future he also spoke about the importance of the audience for the game, especially as part of eSports. In designing the game, there was a view on building an audience who spectate and not only take part in the battle:

“I want to see the game and its tournaments expand around the world, even if that’s little local fighting clubs where people can go to play the game and watch it. I want to support that growth and see it develop as a sport in that sort of way. Hopefully people will look back on Street Fighter V at some point and say that we had the right idea and that will see more games moving in this kind of direction.”

While these comments are obviously going to be welcomed by fans, there is always a risk that hardcode players may feel the game is dumbed down for a less skilled audience. The fact that Xbox One is also not getting Street Fighter V will also be a matter of contention and to some will be leaving some fans out in the cold.

What are your thoughts on Street Fighter V, are you looking forward to the release? Let us know in the comments section below.