The Division’s Fourth Enemy Faction is Last Man Battalion

The Division beta gave us a taste of what the final product will look like. It was an awesome experience, and it is safe to say Ubisoft hasn’t dropped the ball on this one.

The Division gave us plenty to talk about and one of the topics were the enemies and AI. We already know of three enemy factions (Thugs, Cleaners, Rikers) of the game but there is a forth one we don’t know much about. Ubisoft says the new faction will soon be revealed but why wait? Thanks to some digging by YouTuber Arekkz, we now know some important details about The Division’s fourth enemy class.

This faction is known as “Last Man Battalion” and are good guys turned bad. They were sent to protect the riches of New York but got stuck in the city. Now they don’t play nice and if you don’t play by their rules once you enter their territory, you’re dead!

They run the streets with power and brute force. They use tanks, wear shiny “Ninja Turtle” like gear, and are military trained. Their leader is known as “Bliss” who owns Last Man Ballion.

To know more about the Last Man Battalion and see what they look like, check out the video above.